Type oriented post banking and
Value-Based Financial Systems in the Post-Banking Era
Mohammad Naghi Golbini Mofrad1 ; SeyedSaeid Banifatemi2

The emergence of the 4G Internet revolution, technological developments, modern communication and information tools along with the customers’ awareness have actually led financial trading into non-bank interactions. This demonstrates the growing trend of a post-banking phenomenon which legitimizes the activities of non-bank financial systems such as Google. The first post-banking pattern is more likely to be influenced by the customers’ self-questioning about their financial matters in the 3rd millennium than distrust of banking systems. The second post-banking pattern in the 3rd millennium is the advent of ‘proactive / responsive financial systems’, going beyond the traditional activities of ‘the agent bank’ with a rapid growth. The value-driven approach in the post-banking period is based on the concept of ‘prediction’. Therefore, the research methodology is based on Grounded Theory (GT) and Futures Studies. The development of some phenomena such as The Hollow Lands with proactive or interactive features will extend the customers’ self-questioning sense. The integration of this phenomenon and the customers’ self-questioning improvement determines the market size of financial activities and also ‘the emerging financial drivers’ in the post-banking era.
Keywords: Financial Systems, Value-Based, Post-Banking.