SeyedSaeid Banifatemi1, Fatemeh Kiaei, Seyed Roohollah Banifatemi, SAEIDEHSADAT BANIFATEMI

Type-oriented psychology is a Grounded Theory approach and the result of psychological studies on the Iranian treatment-seekers and clients in three decades, which has been theorized by the present authors. These studies try to introduce a model for achieving ‘metaphysics’ which is based on three facts as time, space and process. The study on each of the mental, psychological and behavioral phenomena in type-oriented psychology is conducted with an emphasis on the explanation, clarification and description of time, space and process typology. Type-oriented psychology is based on abductive logic and employs Grounded Theory methodology. Despite the prominent role of psychological science in developed countries, some other countries still prefer to avoid or resist psychology due to cultural load. The model for type-oriented psychology has been designed in such a way that it can be easily perceived and accepted by different cultures and subcultures without considering cultural load.
Keywords: Type-Oriented Psychology,
1 Theorist and author of more than 70 research papers