Type Oriented Therapy or Designing a model called “Meaning Therapy Based On Trauma Typology”(MTBTT) on people with PTSD

Abstract. “Meaning Therapy Based On Trauma Typology.Type Oriented Therapy resulted from three decades of field work study and taking various psychological tests from people who have experienced Iran-Iraq war. Statistical population of this research consisted of all people who have experienced this imposed war and their families. The statistical samples of this research were more than two hundred thousand people in 15 provinces of Iran who were selected based on Morgan and Krejcie table. In the three decades, the main tools of this research were MSCP, GHQ, death anxiety, and self-report questionnaires. The following actions were carried out in each decade: In the first decade: history taking and recording events, in the second decade: need assessment, and in the third decade: health monitoring plan. Health monitoring was done on the participants in periodical turns. The result of this research in the first step was a theory building and creating a new knowledge called “Defense Psychology” for the first time in all the world and was written based on the Grounded Theory and followed by production and registration of the therapeutic approach “Meaning Therapy Based on Trauma Typolog Type Oriented Therapy by these researchers. The education of this approach led to sustainable therapy of mental health in general health level on all the target population with PTSD.
Type Oriented Therapy Or Meaning Therapy Based on Trauma Typology model specified for PTSD
This approach offers a model of treatment that focus on PTSD typology. And in the treatment case, offers a specific approach based on each PTSD type.
*Ptsd typology
*Pathology, Identification of trauma through incompatible entities
* Modifying definitions and determining the compatible entities